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KATIA ASTARITAwas born in Sorrento; made her debut at the theater when she was 16 years old in the show "Noi interrotti". The encounter with Tonino Pierfederici electrocuted her. Participates in a hearing that allows the study to "La Scaletta" by G.B. Diotaiuti and T. Pierfederici that is closely following.

She graduated in acting.

At the same time she enrolled in the Faculty of Humanities at the University "La Sapienza" of Rome where she graduated cum laude in History and Criticism Film with the thesis "Gabriele Salvatores e il cinema italiano". Following seminars teaching theater.

Outstanding were excellent meetings with representatives of the contemporary theater. Orazio Costa, Eugenio Barba, and then Richard Jerzi Grotoski Caporossi and Claudio Remondi. Their laboratories are lighting. Thanks to the latter starred in "Mondo nuovo" and comes to a theater poetic experimentation that will lead to interpret Thelma in "After Magritte" by Tom Stoppard and Vera in "Futurismo in Palcoscenico" by G. De Salvi.

Do not abandon the classical theater. She is Circe in "Odysseus", Antigone in "Edipo a Colono", Nora in "Casa di bambola".

Strong is his love for cinema that considers "the most representative art of our time." Works well with Giuseppe Ferrara, Massimo Costa, Maurizio Ponzi, Massimo Martella, Fabrizio Ancillai, Tiziana Gagnor.

Are frequent in recent years his appearances in fiction as "Distretto di Polizia", "Il Capitano," "Nati ieri", "Butta la luna".

Due to the short movie "Kamikaze" by Fabrizio Ancillai won numerous awards, proving, at N. I. C. E. Festival in New York, what actress intense and exciting.

In June 2010, the strong love relationship with Maurizio Fabrizio also becomes a professional association.

Introducing "Everyman", a morality play, performed by Katia Astarita and Omero Antonutti next to A. Branduardi and Mango. The show becomes an event. The exception is the framework of the Milan Cathedral. It is a hit with audiences and critics.

With Maurizio Fabrizio was born the project to give new life to songs written by the composer of great success for the most important singers of Italian music. It takes the form the album "Bella La Vita" comes out Sept. 27, 2011 and in 2013 the album of the show "L’arte dell’incontro".

Katia will star in "Repuestos", the debut film by Tiziana Gagnor.

She will direct the short film "Ojayit", produced by Focus; start shooting in London.

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